The total economic impact of Frontify

Does a 367% ROI, a mere 6-month payback time, and $4.22M in benefits sound too good to be true? It’s not. We commissioned Forrester to show you the impact of our brand management software, black on white.

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Frontify is used by thousands of global brands

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An investment in your brand is an investment in your people

Beyond numbers and dollars, the Frontify platform helps connect interdisciplinarily and geographically distanced teams – rallying your brand-builders from Boston to Beijing behind a shared cause, where they can experience (and develop) your brand first-hand. In this report, we learn how four different companies – from different corners of the world – experience working with Frontify.

The financial benefits of our platform

A strong brand is invaluable, but it turns out that strong brand management can, in fact, be quantified. According to the new study, you can see a 367% ROI, and save several million dollars when using Frontify, based on levers like cost reductions, improved time to market, and increased conversions.

  • Single source of brand truth
  • Higher value work by local marketing teams
  • Brand adoption/culture
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Operational benefits

Frontify is our single source of truth. Whenever we want to know anything about our brand, it’s right there.

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