Frontify + Adobe XD = Happy Designers

Frontify + Adobe XD = Happy Designers

The brand-spankin’ new Frontify plugin for Adobe XD streamlines creative flow, enabling access to brand assets directly in the design environment.

Before we start developing new Frontify plugins, we put a lot of thought and consideration into the needs of our users. Improving their daily operations and brand management through integrations with design and collaboration tools is what brings the most value. That’s why creating a Frontify plugin for Adobe XD was a no-brainer for us, and we’re excited to share this new addition with you.

What the Plugin Does

The Frontify plugin for Adobe XD essentially links the brand assets living within your brand management platform to the design tool’s native environment. This makes it possible to utilize a wide range of brand assets directly from the Frontify plugin for Adobe XD’s built-in assets panel.

  • Access and import your brand colors: All of the color palettes defined in your brand guidelines can be applied to layers, as borders or fills.
  • Access and import your brand typography: Ensure consistency in your text styles by applying them to designs directly.
  • Access logos from your Logo Library: Explore your logo and its variants, then simply copy them to your clipboard for instant use within your designs.
  • Access icons from your Icon Library: Similar to working with logos, your custom icons can be dropped into your designs with a quick copy/paste.
  • Access images from your Media Library: Pair your entire image bank to the Frontify plugin to scroll through and select the just-right photo for filling a shape or layer – automatically resized to fit.


With the Frontify plugin for Adobe XD, all of these elements are readily available from Adobe XD’s Plugin Panel. Maintaining a connection to your centralized brand home through the plugin ensures consistent use of brand assets by any and all users. The result? Faster turnaround of on-brand content.

Why You Should Use It

Are you a designer or developer actively using (or looking to use) Adobe XD for designing, wireframing, or prototyping? Creating a seamless integration of brand essentials and design assets – from the Frontify environment, natively within XD – is immensely helpful. It’s an efficiency hack that will speed up production with intuitive ease.

When it comes to the asset/design environment relationship, jumping between tools and windows, or searching for the right tab in your browser to locate your images, logos, and icons is not a great use of time or energy. It’s the sort of thing that can really derail creative flow and has an influence on overall production.

Immediate access to brand assets from within Adobe XD simplifies the process so that you can produce on-brand designs with greater efficiency and accuracy – with all of those essentials pulled from your brand’s single source of truth.

How It Works & Where To Get It

Once the latest version of the Frontify plugin for Adobe XD has been installed (along with a few steps on the Frontify environment side), you’ll be able to start integrating your colors, fonts, images, icons, and logos. For the details on how this works, this handy help article will show you the way.

It’s worth noting that the Frontify plugins and integrations don’t stop here. Simplify daily ops with Sketch, Slack, and Segment integrations, to name a few. Check out the full integrations list for options to create a more cohesive ecosystem and work environment, connecting brand essentials in Frontify to native environments.

Heena Greenleaves
Heena Greenleaves
Product Manager
Roger Dudler
Roger Dudler
Founder & CEO