Brand Reboot: Thoughts From Our Brand Manager

Brand Reboot: Thoughts From Our Brand Manager

The expert behind our recent rebrand shares wisdom and learnings in choreographing the extensive project, ensuring our brand’s consistency.

In the complex and nuanced world of brand management, there’s no one better to speak to the inner workings than a brand manager. Brand managers are dot connectors. They keep the overview – ensuring alignment, synchronicity, and consistency of brands across all touchpoints. This is especially the case with our rebrand project, led by our Brand Manager, Willem.

“Branding is a long-term thing; it’s not something you’ll see results for overnight. It’s important that we stay consistent, stick to what we’ve been working on, and over time we’ll see the brand value go up.”

He’ll be the first to tell you the brand reboot was far from a solo effort, drawing from the talents of internal and external collaborators to make it a success. It’s the expertise and focus of a brand manager – planning, tact, and foresight – that enable such ambitions to be realized, while upholding brand values, identity, and guidelines.

Through his recount of the rebranding project, Willem explores some of his rebrand ‘to-dos’ – a handful of which are seemingly simple, but deeply affected the outcome – such as:

  • Creating an extended list of items and materials to create initial scope
  • Managing internal teams (primarily marketing and design) and external professionals (sound production and illustration)
  • Scheduling regular updates with involved stakeholders
  • Keeping the overview of in-progress and in-the-pipeline work, along with the overall timeline
  • Documenting and providing feedback for projects in the Frontify Creative Collaboration

In addition to his insights on the process itself, Willem shares his perspective on measuring the rebrand, and ways the project carries on moving forward. It’s the kind of story that doesn’t have an end; the journey continues as the brand develops. Our brand has a strong foundation with a wide reach, but there’s more yet to be done.

“There are some other parts to evaluate for our branding efforts now, such as emotions, people, and culture – the aspects that we can dig deeper into now that we’ve worked our way through the brand reboot.”

Of course, this is just a small sample of our Brand Manager’s point of view. For more on what was involved, next steps, and thoughts on measuring the ROI of our rebrand, check out the video above.

Looking for more on our rebranding process as you consider your own? Check out this video for our key points of rebranding advice, or take in the full project in our Rebooting the Brand for Brands overview.

Shannon Healey
Shannon Healey
Head of Communications