Brand Reboot: Branding Advice from the Experts

Brand Reboot: Branding Advice from the Experts

Advice isn’t tough to come by, but valuable branding knowledge? That’s a different story. Our experts share their pieces of brand wisdom.

We don’t claim to be proficient in all things – like space exploration or macramé, though it’s never too late to start – but when it comes to branding, we know a thing or two about the subject. So, we asked around for some in-house insights on the “number one piece of branding advice” and were delighted to discover no two responses were exactly alike.

“Stay consistent and true to your brand, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box now and again.” Rob, Customer Success

Why? Branding is complex and multifaceted. Each brand is unique. Anyone involved in developing knows there’s no paint-by-number approach. There’s an art to branding that comes with experience, awareness, and an eye for the details.

“To create a lasting brand experience, the brand needs to be aligned with culture.” Andi, CEO

With our brand reboot, we worked to balance a deep and reflective analysis with extensive research and development – crystallizing the foundation of our brand. From there, it was a matter of dividing and conquering, working in tandem with oversight of the project on a whole. Everything had to work together, and live in one place; our brand’s single source of truth.

“If you’re really authentic and trying to be the brand that you are, [branding] is much easier – every touchpoint is so easily managed when you’re simply being yourself.” Oskar, Content Marketing

Advice from our crew of experts ranged from the classic brand management pillars of consistency and shareability, to deceptively simple concepts like authenticity and using culture as the springboard for shaping an effective brand. Let’s not forget the value of the audience in this, because when making the final call on what a brand is (or isn’t) – it truly comes down to them.

“It’s not us as a company who define who we are. In the end, it’s all about the image in the market. It’s about the perception that people have of us that’s actually the brand.” Willem, Brand Management

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Shannon Healey
Shannon Healey
Head of Communications