7 Best Sources for Free Photoshop Files + Bonus

7 Best Sources for Free Photoshop Files + Bonus

Showcases are a great resource for inspiration. At a certain point you as a designer sometimes is lacking the intuition how to solve a specific design problem. We've collected our 7 most used resources for design inspiration, in order that it might help you as it helped us.

1. Pixeden

If you're looking for the paradise, Pixeden is your choice.


2. Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels is not just a resource for free quality .psd Files, it offers WordPress themes as well as tutorials on an occasional basis.


3. Deviant Art

Deviant Art is well known in the design universe for its variety of resources for web and creative workers.


4. freepsdfiles.net

Another, rather unknown source is freepsdfiles.net. I chose it because it's free, it's PSD and it's tidy.


5. Designmoo

Designmoo is clean designed and I love it's simple access to the relevant categories.


6. GraphicsFuel

Not only because of the stock, I love GraphicsFuel because of the inspiring blogposts as well.


7. Dribbble

dribbble is an infinite source of inspirations. What is less known, they have a considerable amount of free .psd files as well - just search for: "free psd".



Smashing Mag features quite often freebies for web and creative people. In this case, look for the tag: "PSD"


Hope you found this blend of sources helpful. Share it among your friends and co-workers ;)

Did you know? You can upload the .psd files into your project within Frontify. Just drag & drop the file into your browser window and with a little magic, the file appears in your project. Why should you do that? The most important advice for inspiration is, talking with others! Discuss with your team members or clients about your ideas. Within the application - it's fast and specific.