Managing Brand Image for a Competitive Edge: A Guide for Telecom Companies

Telecom is a tough industry for brands. Most people who need a phone have a phone, which means the market is saturated. The only way for telecom brands to grow is by keeping the customers they have and poaching new ones from competitors.

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Unfortunately, it’s difficult for telecom companies to stand out from the crowd when they’re all offering such a similar service – access to a wireless network. But one way telecom brands can gain a competitive edge to increase customer retention and acquisition is by building a strong brand image. And we’ll show you how.

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To help you you get where you want to be, we created a nifty little guide. Inside, you’ll learn about things like:

  • What brand image is
  • Why telecom companies should pay attention to brand image
  • How telecom companies can build a strong brand image
  • How brand management software can help improve brand image through consistency
  • How Frontify helped Vodafone maintain its strong brand positioning
Oskar Duberg
Content Director