Why Ethical Branding Matters

Why are brand ethics so important today? As a company, is it enough to simply act ethically, “just because,” or do you need to continuously deliver on it? How does a more ethically focused brand impact your bottom line, and can you even afford not to include it in your brand strategy?

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In this episode of the Frontify Podcast, we’re joined by Gia Stridbeck and Freddie Öst from the Swedish agency (and Frontify partner), Snask, as we discuss the value of ethical branding, and how you can turn your company beliefs into positive change.

3 Strategies Snask Use to Merge Ethics with Their Brand

  1. Make enemies, gain fans. Sure, your brand isn’t binary, but more often than not; if no one hates what you stand for, no one will probably love you for it either. You need to have the courage to take a stand for what you believe in. Your brand is a contract with your audience, and you need to base it on trust. Today, people buy your product or service, or apply for your open positions, largely thanks of the values both parties share. If you don’t stand for anything, you risk being vanilla, and fade into nothingness. If you stand for something important, you might make a few enemies – but you’ll also build brand loyalty.

  2. Make ethics part of your long-term brand strategy. There aren’t any quick fixes. You can’t just say something and expect it to work. Putting a black square on your social media doesn’t automatically make you a relatable, value-driven brand. It’s a long term commitment, one that you have to nurture over time, and deliver on – time and time again. If you believe in something, make it your mission to actively change it for the better. With time, that’ll plant a seed with people sharing those values. That’s the start of a shared brand purpose (and, as a plus, the start of increased business growth).

  3. Stay pink (listen to the full episode to get the details about this one). Essentially, you need to dare to be emotional, not just rational. Use more heart, and less head. Be quirky. Be daring. Look at the person and not just the facts. Snask wants to spread empathy in the world and part of that means daring to be vulnerable, to be your true self. Be who you’re born to be and speak freely about it. If you’re always true to yourself, and to your brand, the ethical actions you make won’t seem like a extra work, but as the means to make positive change based on your purpose and beliefs. That’s automated ethical branding.

Janine Bosshart
Janine Bosshart
Brand Manager
Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg
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