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A Year in Review

Updated 1 year ago by Rahulan Sivalingam

2019 has been a non-stop ride of new product rollouts, enhanced features, and integrations with your favorite native tools. Take a look back at Frontify's year on the product front in this video recap.

We put a lot of consideration and development into our product, seeking innovative and impactful ways to make your brand management experience the very best. That includes deep discussion, research, and passion to push the Frontify platform to where it is today.

Significant improvements have been implemented in the Media Library. Among them, the ability to create beautiful collections, the use of AI to auto-tag your assets, the possibility to set up targets, and improved bulk actions to apply actions to your assets in bundles.

With the Document Library – the newest addition to our family of libraries – we provide a dedicated space to host and manage all of your office files. Then there’s the Publisher: a completely new module that empowers anyone in your company to create on-brand marketing materials based on templates set up by a designer (so you know they’ll always look great).

From our own experience, we know the value of cohesive software ecosystem that allows your daily business to truly blossom. We’ve teamed up with the likes of Adobe XD, Contentful, and Sketch, among others, so that your living brand assets, guidelines, and materials from Frontify naturally fit into your everyday work processes..

The above mentioned is a small slice of pie – jump over to the blog lineup for more of our other exciting product improvements. For a quick rundown, the monthly product roundups are a good place to start.

All the thanks to our users, of course, for the support, feedback, and cheers. Seeing what you’re able to create with our platform gives us the fuel and excitement that drives us to continue thinking out of the box. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in the pipeline for the year ahead. Stay tuned!

Rahulan Sivalingam

Product Marketing

Gabriela Tenze

Product Marketing

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