5 ways the Frontify DAM maximizes your marketing success

5 ways the Frontify DAM maximizes your marketing success

A digital asset management (DAM) solution helps organize assets to boost collaboration. The Frontify DAM goes beyond these basics and sets companies up for sustainable growth: Intuitive asset rights management, detailed metadata features, and comprehensive analytics enable marketers to track their ROI and localize their global campaigns with ease.

1. Centralize your DAM to succeed in diverse markets

Marketing teams need to adapt messages to complex channels, touchpoints, and audiences — while ensuring consistent communication all over the globe. More requests with more specific requirements means more potential for inconsistencies. And that’s how your brand equity loses value.

Collaborate in one place

Your Frontify DAM connects seamlessly with your brand portal, brand guidelines, templates, collaboration spaces, and analytics dashboard. Users enjoy an intuitive end-to-end experience in the same platform — with one onboarding process and one log-in.

Optimize workflows

Having a centralized collaboration space boosts users’ confidence in creating on-brand marketing assets. Streamlined communication and feedback channels prevent duplicate tasks and ensure version control and up-to-date files. The Frontify DAM provides access to all the relevant brand materials, giving teams greater ownership over their work.

Grow your company, scale your DAM

As your team grows, the platform scales effortlessly, offering customization without complex processes. Over time, the Frontify DAM enhances brand equity by reinforcing brand identity and trust.

We have high expectations, and brand guardianship is central to Vodafone. Maintaining a high level of brand consistency among our users and partners alike is a must across the whole company.

Julia Arnold

Senior Brand Identity Consultant at Vodafone

2. Speed up time to market with on-brand assets at your fingertips

Without proper digital asset management, there is no marketing strategy. Marketing teams need content, and content relies on assets. However, marketers cannot afford to wait days for the correct logo or approved visuals. Files that are scattered across desktops or private folders are unprofessional — they limit growth and prevent brands from thriving.

Configure our libraries

The Frontify DAM ensures efficient asset management with dedicated and separate libraries that can host media assets, icons, documents, and logos. And just like your files, you also get to enjoy flexibility and independence: Explore, download, comment on, and share on-brand assets via browser, mobile, or desktop app.

Get the most out of metadata and AI

Use custom metadata and tags to prepare your files for easy upload, storage, organization, retrieval, and sharing. Artificial intelligence helps you find duplicates or tag your assets for you so that you can concentrate on strategic initiatives and creative endeavors.

Refine your processes with asset rights management

Show users the assets that are relevant to their markets or campaigns — while considering licenses and rights to ensure nobody uses outdated, expired, or illegal files. By automating workflows and setting up groups and targets, you reduce mistakes and inconsistencies and make sure that teams can localize their campaigns with ease.

To be able to manage all brand materials and workflows at the same time in one unique space for all countries and brands is the main benefit and a milestone for Telefónica.

Cristina Terrón Moreno

Account Manager at Telefónica

3. Streamline creative workflows

Marketers’ lives are determined by shorter deadlines and budget constraints. Strategic work and creative endeavors often get pushed to the sidelines. This wastes valuable talent, resources, and time.

Provide flexibility and peace of mind

Integrations with the Frontify Digital & Print Templates or third-party tools, such as Canva, ensure marketers can create materials independently and flexibly. Designers can rest assured that the brand identity gets represented by every asset that gets published — without getting lost in approval processes.

Stay ahead of the asset lifecycle

Asset lifecycle management automatically removes assets based on predefined time-outs: This prevents potential misuse with auto-management features based on licensing — ensuring legal safety and up-to-date content availability has never been more convenient! Advanced embedding and sharing lets external partners and internal stakeholders log into the same portal to view and distribute content with appropriate permissions.

What’s more, integrations with Getty Images and Shutterstock ensure you can access purchased visuals without manually uploading images or worrying about copyright issues and expiration dates.

4. Set up performance metrics that track

The best strategy won’t succeed without the ability to measure progress and continuously monitor the outcomes through meaningful metrics.

Track the entire content creation process

With the Frontify analytics dashboard, you can track the usage of assets and guidelines throughout the whole — internal and external — brand environment to better understand your platform’s performance and prove its ROI. By analyzing the number and frequency of the different files or templates being used, you can increase the effectiveness of your asset creation.

Search for gaps in your libraries

Monitor your guideline, asset, and template usages, and find out what people search in your libraries and guidelines. You can also track your users and their location. Select the data frequency — including real-time — and filter information by date, brand, and country.

Tracking performance metrics, ensures that the resources spent creating your content pay off across your distribution channels.

Today, more than 20,000 Uber brand builders have engaged with the platform globally — about 12% of the company creates, manages, and shares assets through a centralized hub.

Brian Coonce

Global Creative Director at Uber

5. Integrate your DAM with your ecosystem and martech stack

These days, marketers can choose between countless tools for every step of the marketing process. This creates an increasingly complex and fragmented digital ecosystem within an organization. Scattered files are bad for your brand identity; add scattered software tools to the mix, and you have a recipe for marketing failure.

Integrate and maximize

The Frontify DAM system includes pre-built connectors and open APIs to integrate your martech stack, such as content management systems (CMS), project management tools, and marketing automation platforms. These integrations optimize workflows and ensure that assets are accessible and used consistently across various platforms.

Make your approvals more dynamic

The Frontify DAM is the crucial link between design innovation and consistency: By integrating with guidelines and providing access to templates, we eliminate the need for complex approval processes and policing while enhancing efficiency and driving effectiveness in brand management.