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Simplify your content creation and publishing workflow by accessing your Frontify brand assets directly from within your AEM websites.


  • View your Frontify assets in the Adobe Experience Manager
  • Create a single source of truth
  • Integrate your assets into the AEM authoring environment
  • Provide out-of-the-box search and filtering options


  • Native drag-and-drop integration of Frontify assets into AEM
  • Utilize search capabilities to find the right assets for the right content experiences
  • Use smart CDN embed links within AEM

More Apps in Content Management

  • HubSpot
    Coming Soon

    Connect Frontify with HubSpot to enable quick access to brand assets. Ensure a smooth content creation workflow for marketing content such as HubSpot pages and emails.

  • Salesforce
    Coming Soon

    Empower your Sales and Marketing teams to quickly locate and share brand assets within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Sharepoint
    Coming Soon

    Connect MS Sharepoint with your Frontify ecosystem. Start using Frontify assets within the Sharepoint Document Builder to simplify your document creation process.

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