Going global: Rolling out a worldwide rebrand

The success of a rebrand lies in the implementation. If you don’t nail the rollout, then your new brand identity will struggle to land.

We’ve collected advice from experts across the rebranding spectrum — from branding agencies to companies that recently rebranded to our own experts. Explore the insights in this free downloadable guide.


A deck full of valuable rebranding guidance

You’ll find advice from renowned branding experts from three different agencies. You’ll also hear from worldwide brands about how an effective strategy made their recent rebrands a success.

From recently rebranded companies:

  • Marte Alvfalk, Senior Brand Manager at Tietoevry
  • Red Godfrey, VP of Creative at Nordstrom
  • Nate Otiker, SVP of Marketing at Delinea

From branding agencies:

  • Leo Porto, Founder and Creative Director at PORTO ROCHA
  • Filipe Rocha, Founder and Creative Director at PORTO ROCHA
  • Burkhard Müller, Chief Digital Officer at Mutabor
  • Lisa Smith, Global Executive Creative Director at JKR
  • Hayley Burnham, Group Strategy Director at JKR

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