What a strong brand-building platform looks like

What a strong brand-building platform looks like

In this interview series, we delve into the concept of a robust brand portal — the team, assets, tech, and decision-making processes that enable top brands to excel in the branding space. Uncover the future of brand-building platforms, with industry leaders sharing the building blocks of success and how to create a strong foundation. Learn how some of the strongest brands navigate this changing landscape, leverage tech, foster brand adoption and collaboration, and empower employees.

KIA’s drive for a strong brand-building platform with Rishaad Sacoor

Rishaad Sacoor, a seasoned Brand & Strategic Marketing leader at Kia Europe, reveals the importance of a solid brand-building platform in driving brand culture and connection. Explore Kia's glocal approach, blending global concepts with local adaptations. Learn how Kia evaluates their brand portal’s strength through customer experiences and value alignment, emphasizing employee engagement and a strong foundation integrated with company culture.

Maintaining Roche’s healthy brand identity with Damian Amherd

Damian Amherd, the Senior Brand Program Manager at Roche — a global healthcare company based in Basel, Switzerland — has over 15 years of expertise at the crossroads of business and technology and specializes in digital strategy, brand management, and digital communications, with industry knowledge in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Creating the building blocks of Minecraft’s brand with Harry Elonen

Harry Elonen, the Senior Brand Manager for Minecraft at Mojang Studios, shares his expertise in building a strong brand foundation. Explore how proper storytelling, collaboration, and a global-local balance shape the Minecraft brand. Discover how effective brand management can enhance creativity, distinctiveness, and overall brand salience.

Finding the tools to build Financial Times’ brand with Tia McPhee

Tia McPhee is the Global Brand & Partnerships Director at the Financial Times (FT), a leading international newspaper. In her role, she oversees the development and execution of the FT's brand strategy and marketing framework. The Financial Times is renowned for its trusted news, analysis, and insights on business, finance, and global affairs, serving a diverse readership worldwide.

Navigating TUI’s global brand identity with Philipp Michel

Philipp Michel, the Brand Manager of TUI's global brand team, unveils the secrets to maintaining a consistent brand experience across various touchpoints. Explore the role of technology and collaboration in future-proofing the TUI brand, including the utilization of a BrandHub and DAM system.

Sinch’s Gwen Lafage on balancing consistency and creativity

Gwen Lafage, the VP of Brand and Content at Sinch, shares her expertise in managing brand identities across corporate, brand architecture, and product domains. Discover how they achieve global brand consistency through design principles and scalable technology. Uncover the challenges of balancing consistency and creativity, and learn how adaptable guidelines and essential priorities drive success.