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Accelerate the creation, editing, and distribution of your video templates with a frictionless user experience – by leveraging the Storyteq App.


  • Access your brand assets within Storyteq to simplify video template creation and editing.
  • Push your video templates directly to your Frontify libraries to make them available for editing by end-users.
  • Implement and use brand elements living in Frontify, such as colors, typographies, images, and videos.


  • Easily apply colors defined in your Brand Guidelines.
  • Sync text styles with Frontify and apply them to your video templates to stay forever on-brand.
  • Create video templates for videos (MP4s), banners (HTML5), and statics (JPGs, PNGs, and more) and adapt them to different sizes and aspect ratios.
  • Create video templates in the Storyteq online editor, or with an After Effects plugin.
  • Change video clips, images, backgrounds, text, and more with an intuitive web based editor.

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