Introducing Our Sketch Plugin

Updated 1 year ago by Rahulan Sivalingam

Your brand management can be as solid as a Bud Spencer punch, but it's the quality of your designs which will put the icing on your cake.

Your brand management can be as solid as a Bud Spencer punch, but it's the quality of your designs which will put the icing on your cake.

With Frontify's new Sketch integration, we're allowing you to seamlessly integrate your design work into your brand management platform providing a more fluid and comprehensive design workflow.

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Creating consistent brand experiences

From a designer’s perspective, Sketch serves the purpose of design development, while Frontify can be used as a collaboration platform to document and share design principles, host files, and manage UI Libraries. By bringing them together, all relevant design and brand resources will be available in one centralized place. It’s no longer necessary to move back and forth between places like some fancy Macarena dancer to enable consistent brand experiences. Instead, you’re able to access your brand guidelines defined in Frontify from within Sketch itself. With our Sketch plugin, you can even add your typography and brand-specific colors directly to your Sketch file. Hold the applause.

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Synchronize the design process

The increased accessibility of brand guidelines isn't the only advantage the Sketch integration brings along. Nah-uh. With the Sketch plugin, you can push your Sketch artboards to different projects in your Frontify Workspace and save them there, making Frontify Workspace the online home for your source files. Once you've stored your Sketch files in Frontify, you can open them directly from within. Changes can either be pushed one-by-one to the Frontify Workspace, or all at once. Due to the version control function within your Frontify projects, you'll even have these changes documented, resulting in a design process smoother than Michael Jackson's criminal.

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Feedback and approvals on design work

The integration of Sketch into Frontify further bridges the gap between designers, developers, and other brand-related stakeholders. In other words, it brings Lennon and McCartney together to produce the greenest evergreen — ever. Invite your team members to review your design work. The feedback will be documented and comprehensibly attached to the matching Sketch files. All you have to do from thereon is to discuss and resolve feedback, and upload the new artboards into a workspace folder — without having to open Frontify.

In the end, we see Frontify as the single source of truth for brand management, which should bring joy to the ones who are using it by making their lives easier, and allow them to be more efficient. The Sketch integration serves this very purpose. Click on this link to learn more about our Sketch plugin, download it, and start your 14 days free Frontify trial.

Rahulan Sivalingam

Product Marketing