4 Free Design Template Kits Your Marketing Team Should Be Using

4 Free Design Template Kits Your Marketing Team Should Be Using

Everyone is becoming a creator! We built an integrated template system for the intersection between design, brand, and marketing – to streamline design and marketing operations.

Do you also fear a blank piece of paper? Always having to reinvent yourself to create something new for social, web, and print?

Whether it's creating a social post for LinkedIn, a web banner for your commercial ads, a sales flyer for your physical stores, or sales enablement materials for your field sales team – creating new content pieces from scratch is always challenging and time-consuming. Especially if you look at the effort of connecting with all stakeholders, briefing the design team, and going back and forth when iterating on necessary steps.

We built the Digital & Print Templates for the intersection between design, brand, and marketing to streamline design and marketing operations and let them focus on creating better design rather than adapting an existing design to new content.

Modular template setup of a web banner

Example: Modular template setup of a web banner to enable marketing operations

So now you’re wondering how this becomes reality? Setting up a smart template system drives efficiency through enablement. Our template collection of 30+ templates include different templates to drive inspiration from, on how a template system as part of your marketing operations could look like.

We've broken it down into four types of templates – typically being used by larger organizations with an online and offline presence.

Marketing and Brand Templates

Example: Four types of templates for marketing and brand teams

1. Templates for Advertising & Social Media

With so many different ad networks to manage, a demand generation manager’s life becomes a lot easier when they can use existing templates and adapt them on the go. Add templates for the most popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

Templates for advertising and social media

Overview: Templates for social media and advertising hosted in the Frontify Template Library

2. Templates for Stationary

A Brand Manager’s life becomes a lot easier when they can centrally provide best-in-class templates for stationery such as envelopes, greeting cards, vouchers, nametags, or even business cards. Teams at different locations can easily access them and localize them for their specific need – no designer required.
Marketing templates for stationary

Overview: Templates for Stationary

3. Templates for Point of Sales

Being a local store manager can be stressful. By using the right templates, however, you can save time and be more efficient at your point of sales. Roll-ups, shopping bags, packaging, or labels can be provided by a central marketing organization to enable stores to create and localize their own point of sales materials.

Templates for Point of Sales (POS)

Overview: Templates for Point of Sales

4. Templates for Sales Material

A typical field salesperson may need different materials to get the job done. These sales templates will help you with your sales enablement material; develop and adapt them to your markets, define the right messaging, and map it with the need of your prospects to optimize the level of personalization.

Templates for sales enablement material

Overview: Templates for Sales enablement

This set of templates helps you start playing around with the idea of creating a central templating system. Feel free to download our sample kit based on Indesign and Sketch, which can be integrated into Frontify with a few easy steps.

Johannes Waibel
Johannes Waibel
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