Analytics and insights

Track the performance of your Brand Guidelines and assets with insight reports. Gain deeper understanding of how, when, and where assets are used across your organization.

Brand platform overview

Get an overview of your platform data and a user-friendly entry point into your brand's analytics.

Guidelines performance

Track the power of your Brand Guidelines. Get insights into page views, unique visitors, active authors, users, and more.

Asset performance

Analyze the use of every single brand asset. You'll see the amount of different assets being used and how often.

Template usage

See how your templates are being used for all publications from Digital & Print Templates.

Measure your brand’s impact

When it comes to branding, gut-feeling decisions are made more than they should be. Create a data-driven culture for all things creative and brand. With the Analytics Dashboard, you’ll be better able to make concrete:

  • Budget decisions
    Analytics helps managers understand the Brand platform’s performance to prove ROI.
  • Content marketing decisions
    Ensure the resources spent creating your brand content are paying off across your distribution channels.
  • Software integration decisions
    The Analytics Dashboard will give you a bird’s eye view of your brand operations – helping you identify the missing pieces in your users’ daily workflows.

More magic to get insights

External asset usage

Analyze how many times an asset has been used externally in specific locations (such as the company website, landing pages, etc.).

Filters and navigation

Drill down information to get analytics on a granular level on assets, libraries, and guidelines. Quickly access valuable insights on users, languages, and countries.


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