Location: St. Gallen

(Personnel) Admin Expert

Are you a people person (and then some)?

We take our roles seriously: supporting the employees in a way that makes them feel at home and comfortable, where they can do their job and be happy. It’s the sort of thing we care about and invest a lot of resources in. That’s why we’re looking for an additional person who is savvy and eager to come up with creative solutions for our environment, while also humble enough to take on all kinds of other things.

Your team:
The Employee Success Team is responsible for pretty much what the name implies. But apart from that, there’s so much more to it. It starts with appealing to suitable people, choosing the right ones while ensuring a nice candidate experience, and setting the context for them to thrive and be happy. Of course, there are other employee needs that are also really important, like a contract, salary, an amazing place to work, and sometimes someone to talk to. Or in other words, the perfect support team, so they can focus on their work.

You’ll do:
  • Personnel matters: contracts, registrations, VISA, payroll, legal, etc.
  • Investigate special cases (e.g., what we need to send someone to our US office).
  • Help non-local employees to get started and feel home in St. Gallen.
  • Develop and maintain our cozy office.
  • Receive guests (e.g. applicants) and make them feel welcome.
  • Creating order in everything that you feel should be organized.

Some fancy things you might bring to the table: 
Expertise in Personnel Admin | English & German (both fluent) | Relevant work experience | Organization skills.

You are:
Authentic | Charming & welcoming | A people-lover | Self-motivated | Open & curious | A pragmatic doer | A vibrant personality.

What the team says:
  • “We’re the glue that keeps the family together in this high-growth and dynamic environment.” 
  • “Sometimes, you go to the office and everything’s different than expected. Actually every day.”
  • “You get to know people from all around the world.”
  • “Ummm, we don’t have enough tables for the new hires!”

Let’s get to the good stuff already, right? We’ll give you:
The room to create and grow personally | Responsibility and impact | Flexibility (like, a lot!) | Your own schedule and to do-list | A cozy office among the mountains | Inspiring colleagues | A new family :)

How to get to know each other?
  1. Apply online. You’ll get an answer within 3 days.
  2. 20’ video call.
  3. Coffee in our office.
  4. Half a day with the team.
  5. The decision.

What is Frontify?
Frontify is a fast-growing company based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), New York (USA), and Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) with currently 100 people on board. We create an all-in-one brand management software, increasing brand consistency through centralized platform collaboration – for big businesses and small.

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