Location: Frankfurt

Business Development Intern (Frankfurt)

Help us grow and you will too!

As a Business Development Intern you help us grow our business and work on demanding projects. The internship is meant to be a full-time position and to last around 4-6 months. After successful completion, a part-time employment (while studying) or a start in a permanent role are always possible – also in other fields of our business.

Your Team:
Our Sales team currently consists of 23 people. Half of them are a bit more experienced Account Executives. The other half are Business Development Interns, usually students or recent graduates, just like you. Can you relate with the stereotypical salesperson, doing anything for commission? No? Good! Because Sales at Frontify is a bit different: more consultative, no commission, and many more specialties. The goal is not to sell a product, but a solution.

You’ll do:
Research prospective customers in Germany | Approach key decision makers | Develop your own sales strategy | Create dedicated outreach lists | Organize meetings with potential clients | Hold your own product demos | Bring forward your own projects.

Here are some awesome skills you might bring to the table: 
A degree in any field (Bachelor or Master) | Readiness to learn | Maybe some sales or marketing experience | German and English.

You are:
A pragmatic “doer” | Self-motivated | Authentic and always honest | Curious | Ambitious | Persistent – you don’t give up after setbacks | Energetic. (This is not just a list of nice sounding words, we really mean it).

What the team says:
  • “We’re not salespeople”.
  • “At Frontify, the CEO brings the coffee to the intern – not the other way round.“
  • “Having a platform providing one single source of truth for your brand is pretty awesome – and selling it too!”
  • “Our solution speaks for itself – seeing people’s amazed faces when presenting our platform is just so rewarding.”

Let’s get to the good stuff already, right? We’ll give you:
Being part of an adventure | The room to experiment and grow | Responsibility | Impact | Flexibility (like a lot!) | A potential long-term perspective at Frontify | Inspiring colleagues | Happiness | A cozy place in the heart of Frankfurt | Whatever job title you want | A new family.

What is Frontify?
Frontify is a fast-growing company based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), New York (USA), and Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) with 100 people currently on board. We create an all-in-one brand management software, increasing brand consistency through centralized platform collaboration – for big businesses and small.

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