Location: New York

Customer Support (US)

Oh wow, you're actually real! You were so fast, I thought you were a robot! 
(Customer feedback to our support team)

Your new company
Frontify is a growth-oriented company based in St. Gallen (Switzerland), New York (USA), and Frankfurt a.M. (Germany) with around 100 people currently on board. We create all-in-one brand management software, for businesses large and small.

We’d love you to join us on our dynamic, creative adventure. We’re open-minded and motivated about making a positive impact for our customers. Frontify is built on a collaborative culture of experimentation, trust, and transparency. We believe in being happy and fulfilled at work, and letting our personalities shine through everything we do.

Your team:
Within our Customer Success Team, there are two people responsible for support. You would be the third – based in New York. Customer requests can be diverse: from a simple question to a complex technical problem. You never know what is coming up next. Around you, there are developers, customer success managers, salespeople, a security officer and many more people with whom you'll interact to solve these problems. The challenge is that customers expect a timely and competent solution for their problem, and we want to constantly exceed their expectations now, and in the future, too. While employee hours are generally very flexible at Frontify, support must be ensured at all times (at least during office hours). Organize yourself in the team to ensure there’s always someone ready to respond.

You’ll do:
General customer support (via Intercom) | Develop the knowledge base and help articles | Transmit customer feedback to the Product Team | Automate typical support tasks | Manage data migrations for customers | Solve general technical issues | Set up custom domains | Set up SSO with customers | And much more

Here are some fancy skills you might/hopefully know about: 
General technical know-how and affinity | Support experience | English (C2) | Software as a Service (SaaS) |  Data migrations | Project management

You are:
Self-motivated | Fast | Empathetic | Calm when there is a storm | Always honest | Authentic | Independent | Curious. This is not just a list of nice sounding words – we really mean it.

What the team says:
“Our customers are happy – most conversations are really pleasant and their feedback is usually positive.”
“I can work autonomously and do it the way I want.”
“Sometimes, you go to the office and everything turns out completely different than expected. Actually, that’s every day.”
“I love the Frontify-family!”

Let’s get to the good stuff already, right? We’ll give you:
Impact, responsibility, and lots of flexibility | Generally happy customers | Being part of an adventure with inspiring colleagues that feel like family | The room to experiment and grow |  Happiness in a cozy office in New York City

How to get to know each other?
  1. Apply online. You’ll get an answer within 3 days.
  2. 20’ video call.
  3. Coffee in our office.
  4. Half a day with the team.
  5. If all goes well, you’ll receive an offer to become part of the Frontify family.

We’d like to hear from you