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How Telecom Companies Can Manage Their Brand Image for a Competitive Edge

Discover how an improved brand image can give telecom companies an edge, and what established telecom brands can do to change theirs.

About This Guide

Telecom is a tough industry because the market is saturated. For example, the vast majority of Americans already have a cell phone, making new customers a “rare commodity.” So the only way telecom brands can grow is by keeping their customers and poaching new ones from competitors. But in an industry where so many brands are offering essentially the same service – access to a wireless network – it’s difficult to stand out enough to acquire new customers or keep current customers loyal. But one way telecom brands can gain a competitive edge is by building a strong brand image.

How can brand image give telecom companies an edge? And what can established telecom brands do to change theirs?

  • What Brand Image Is
  • Why Telecom Companies Should Pay Attention to Brand Image
  • How Telecom Companies Can Build a Strong Brand Image
  • How Brand Management Software Can Help Improve Brand Image Through Consistency

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