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Silos Are Affecting Your Tech Branding – But Brand Management Software Can Help

Discover how brand management software can help tech brands overcome departmental silo challenges.

About This Guide

More than a million tech companies enter the market each year, and only 30% make it past the 10-year mark. Almost 20% fail because of competition. And it’s not just lesser-known brands; even market leaders can disappear when shiny, new tech comes along to replace them. After all, nobody asks you to friend them on Myspace or sends you texts from their BlackBerry anymore.

By developing a strong, consistent brand, tech companies can create loyal customers who will stick with them no matter how many buzzy competitors enter the market. Unfortunately, organizational silos are common in almost all companies. These communication barriers can create problems between departments that erode the consistency of your tech branding, making you vulnerable to competitors. Fortunately,there are solutions,such as brand management software,that can help tech brands overcome departmental silo challenges.

  • Why Consistent Tech Branding Matters
  • How Silos Make Consistent Tech Branding Impossible
  • How Brand Management Software Eliminates Silos for Better Tech Branding

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