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How Brand Management Software Helps the Finance Industry with Brand Consistency

Corporate branding consistency is vital to the financial industry – discover how brand management software can help.

About This Guide

The financial services industry is getting more competitive for legacy brands. A 2019 fintech adoption index found that three out of five (64%) digitally active consumers have now adopted one or more fintech services, which is 12 points higher than experts predicted in 2017. In response, incumbent financial brands are expanding their digital services to compete. Meanwhile,fintech companies are becoming more established and enhancing their marketing to increase recognition against better-known incumbents.

With the differences in technology and brand visibility dwindling between traditional finance companies and fintech challengers, success may come down to who can deliver the most consistent corporate branding experience. Unfortunately, financial brands are struggling with consistency, and consumers are noticing.

  • Why Financial Brands Have a Consistency Problem
  • Why Corporate Branding Consistency is Important for Financial Brands
  • How Brand Management Software Can Help

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