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Big Duck is a New York-based agency helping smaller-sized nonprofit organizations such as Community Change DC, and Queens Botanical Garden to develop strong brands, campaigns, and teams – helping them speak clearly as an organization. In a highly competitive landscape, keeping a high operational pace while maintaining a successful and collaborative relationship with clients is crucial. By managing their client projects through a centralized, cloud-based platform, achieving those targets has become a lot easier.

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WhyEnable non-profits to carry a stronger brand voice

We met with Claire Taylor Hansen, the Creative Director at Big Duck, overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan skyline. Claire told us that breaking up with the old static brand guides and projects – in favor of a more dynamic brand management hub – had a remarkable impact on their daily operations.


"I tracked four individual client cases with Frontify and four with PDF – to see the impact it had on time. In the end, Frontify halved our workload. Now, after having worked with it for another couple of months, it's probably even more than that."

Making sure that clients understand the full scope of branding, and apprehend how an easy-to-use brand guide can actually help them, is hard. Big Duck's clients, all nonprofits, are generally more focused on other things – where branding, however crucial it may be, does not have the highest priority. Big Duck's aim is to not only show their clients the value of branding, but to train them on how to increase brand perception and readiness, in order to improve their business – by making their branding efforts more active and alive rather than something that's simply created and forgotten.

"People tend to invest in the brand, but then forget that it exists. We're all about 'brand stickiness.' With this solution, you have a brand that entices the nonprofits' backers to return for more."

Traditionally, brand guidelines are heavily over-worked PDFs, manifesting the beauty of the brand behind it. Not only do these pieces of art take half a lifetime to design – managing regular updates is a full-time job as well. Today, the ease for agencies to merely exert a client's brand guide and veneer it through an online brand hub is a game-changer. Not only does it save a bunch of time – but it also doubles down as a shared collaboration-centric project rather than ‘just another creative deliverable’ – something a whole company can benefit from for years to come.

A brand is dynamic and ever-changing – unlike a PDF, which is static and locked away. Only when digitizing it, people both in communication departments and the general organization can see the three-dimensional thing that is branding; the aim of improving a brand’s perception, while knowing how to communicate the brand the right way, company-wide.


Using Frontify helped Big Duck in taking their client-agency collaboration to new levels, by enabling nonprofits to carry a stronger brand voice, not only throughout single campaigns – but in everyday communications. By centralizing brands and increasing their overall perception, working with clients has become smooth and transparent through the use of Frontify. Clients like Family Connections, who’s been using Frontify to manage and iterate concepts and creatives for their website revamp, and Shriver Center for Poverty Law, who’s using it as a brand collaboration space to align their various lawyers across the US, are just a few examples of brand building done right.

"Frontify doesn't only make things more efficient and fast for the agencies that are using it – it's simply just best practice."

Frontify has helped Big Duck to not only improve their internal communications and brand work, but to strengthen their capacity building, empowering the NPO’s communications teams to own and evolve their brands now and in the future. With Frontify, Big Duck can ‘train the trainers,’ helping their clients become better brand communicators – all through a dynamic, online platform.

With cloud-based brand management – allowing Big Duck to set up, manage, and hand over brand projects at a higher pace – they've substantially increased operational efficiency – by cutting their brand-related workload in half.

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