Style Guide Examples

There are infinite ways of customizing your brand guidelines with the Style Guide, making it truly yours. To help you get started, we've curated a list of customer examples to give you a sense of what others are doing.

ProSiebenSat.1 Brand Portal Mockup

Screenshot prosieben

A Dynamic Gateway to Digital Assets & Templates

Learn how a massive media company like ProSiebenSat.1 could tackle the challenge of continuously showcasing a consistent brand. From basic Style Guide definitions to Media and Pattern Libraries, campaign documentation, and templates for digital and print. Even though this is not ProSiebenSat.1's actual Style Guide, the example shows how the brand could be managed with Frontify.

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Screenshot prosiebencoverpage (1)

Cover Page

A dynamic starting-point, helping you navigate specific sections of your brand world.

Screenshot medialib (1)

Media Library

A Media Library can categorize, sort, and manage digital assets according to their respective attributes.

Creditinfo's Guidelines

Screenshot creditinfo

A Welcoming Style Guide With an Eye for Details

A well-thought-out intro page guides you through comprehensive design definitions. Creditinfo's Style Guide is as accurate and reliable as you'd expect a credit and risk management solution to be. Here, you'll find essential definitions of logos, illustrations, and icons, along with advertising guidelines, visual language definitions, brand assets, and email signatures.

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Screenshot creditinfo logo

Spacing & Sizes

Detailed descriptions of the isolation area around the master logo, other logo variations, and the symbol itself.

Screenshot creditinfo illustration

Illustrations & Icons

A broad range of illustrations and icons are used as placeholders for images and photos – depicting reports, targets, people, and more.

Stadtlandkind's Design Guidelines

Screenshot stadtlandkind

Basics, Campaigns, Web & Icons – the Beauty of Simplicity

Stadtlandkind's Style Guide is as modest, aesthetically appealing, and heart-warming as the products within its webshop. Our office-sibling demonstrates that simple and basic definitions are more than enough to sustain a healthy brand. Logo, font, and color specifications are complemented with campaign and web design documentation.

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Screenshot packaging


A visual depiction of how the packaging should look.

Screenshot visualbarriers

Fair Concept

A fair concept embraces font specifications, fair themes, billboard visualizations, competition flyers, and other parameters.

Atlanta Contemporary's Guidelines

Screenshot atlanta

Creativity Meets Consistency

For a creative institution like the Atlanta Contemporary – immersed in the exciting world of contemporary arts – a unique Style Guide for defining brand elements, visual language, content creation, and messaging is a must. Take a peek at how they've incorporated extensive iconographies and press-ready print collateral, or see how their sub-brands are managed.

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Screenshot icons


Find a whole family of icons in the iconography section, including color definitions and vector versions ready for download.

Screenshot signage

Print Collateral

A thorough range of print collateral, from business card and press release templates, to print-ready supporter cards and store signages.

Frontify's Design Guidelines

Screenshot frontifyGuidelines

From Design Guidelines, All the Way to Audio Documentations

Ever wondered how we use Frontify here at Frontify? We use it to bridge the gaps between branding, marketing, design, and development. Besides documenting design specifications like typography, and colors, we also laid down writing, audio, and video guidelines – keeping up brand consistency and practicing what we preach.

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Screenshot frontify logo


All the logo variations for different background colors, as well as the short and long version, are available at one single place.

Screenshot frontify audio

Audio Library

A detailed section gathering and explaining all of our audio assets allows us to quickly put them into use in our daily work.