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Internal Brand Communications

What you say outside of the literal and figurative walls of your brand is shaped from within. That’s why it’s essential for everyone – that goes for external stakeholders, too – to be on the same page, so the brand story is always true to the core narrative.

Why Internal Communication is the Undercurrent of Your Brand

Internal communication is usually considered to be a valuable logistics and operations tool. But, believe it or not, it may actually be more valuable to our brands.

While getting your teams to communicate as flawlessly as starlings can be incredibly difficult to do, the benefits to your brand are well worth the effort.

Internal Brand Communications: How to Establish a Process

Knowing you need a process for internal communication is only half the battle. Here we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you build it.

While talking is easy, being heard and understood is incredibly difficult. But, by putting a strategic plan in place for communicating with the individuals in and around our organizations, we’ll be able to create the brand experiences that our customers want.

How to Communicate Culture: Internal & Employer Branding

Often, we put the responsibility of managing our culture on HR. But culture also has a powerful and ongoing impact on our brands.

While creating and communicating a company culture can be an intensive process, the results speak for themselves. Not only are employees more engaged in their work, but they also become more effective influencers for our brands.

Brand Advocacy from the Inside Out

We often think of branding as being a company-led effort. But the results are greater when we give our employees the tools and know-how to lead.

You need to get your employees excited about what your brand is, what it stands for and what it does. You need to help them see your impact on the community and feel it in your company culture. They need to know your brand values and believe in them. And they need to understand exactly where they fit in all of it – so that they feel like a valuable and needed part of the company.

Tips & Tools for Brand Managers

Finding good advice for building a great internal communication program is difficult. We have the scoop for brand managers, here.

Creating a good internal communication strategy takes a lot of thought and creativity. But, by following the tips above and relying on the tools we shared, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

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