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In this interview podcast, brought to you by Frontify, we discuss various branding topics and intriguing stories with branding experts from across the world – piquing the interest of any brand buff.
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Explore Our New Media Landscape with Todd Alchin & Tom Morrissy from Noble People
Todd Alchin (CMO) and Tom Morrissy (CGO) of Noble People – gold winners of AdAge’s Small Media Company of the Year – share their insights about how our media landscape has changed with the new times, and how brands need to adapt to an increasingly experiential-driven world.
Content Marketing
Learn About Brand & Content Strategy with Geoffrey Director from Manifest
Join us as we sit down with Geoffrey Director, the VP of Intelligence at Manifest; the 2019 Content Marketing Agency of the Year. Learn about their celebrated Content Model, the heart of a successful brand strategy, and how to inspire an audience.
Brand Storytelling
Innovation Storytelling for Brands with Susan Lindner from Emerging Media Inc
Susan Lindner, the CEO & Founder of Emerging Media Inc, walks us through the ins and outs of innovation storytelling. Join us as we uncover the cornerstone of building immersive and authentic brand stories.
Brand Design
The Ins & Outs of Strategic Brand Design with Campbell Butler from DesignStudio
Campbell Butler, the Creative Director at DesignStudio, shares his insights about brand design, and rebranding projects at large; The importance of company-wide buy-ins, why design needs to create friction, and the impact of brand consistency on a consumer’s perspective.

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