HubSpot Cover Art


by Frontify

Paid | Enterprise

Connect Frontify with HubSpot to enable quick access to brand assets. Ensure a smooth content creation workflow for marketing content such as HubSpot pages and emails.


  • Stay efficient by allowing your Frontify assets to be accessible directly in HubSpot.
  • Changes to assets will automatically be reflected globally, allowing for a consistent brand experience throughout
  • Start using Frontify assets on your HubSpot pages and emails


  • Search and select Frontify assets directly within HubSpot, and add brand assets into your content creation workflow.
  • Use search capabilities to find the right assets for the right content experiences.
  • Use Frontify to organize, sort, and manage your content.
  • Configurable workflows allow you to streamline the process from concept to design to the finished asset while keeping everybody aligned and ensuring that the end product is on-brand.

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