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Cross-Functional Brand Collaboration

Cross-functional brand collaboration is the idea of uniting different teams, to strengthen the organization from within. Only by enabling everyone – every function – to work collaboratively, can an organization achieve authenticity with every customer-facing brand touchpoint.

Why Cross-Functional Collaboration is Vital to Brand Management

You need the buy-in of all your employees to create powerful brand experiences. And, believe it or not, cross-functional collaboration is the key.

The truth is, managing a brand today can be incredibly difficult – especially as your business grows and your external partnerships expand. However, by getting people across your organization to communicate and collaborate, you’ll be able to do it with a lot less headache.

Brand Teams: Setting Up Cross-Functional Teams

Whether you want to improve cross-functional collaboration in your organization or you’re new to it, we’ve got some ideas to help you raise your game.

Cross-functional collaboration can be incredibly difficult to set up, especially for businesses who’ve never done it successfully before. But it’s not impossible. By following the tips and tricks above, you’ll be one step closer to building solid cross-functional brand teams.

Brand Objectives: How to Align Different Teams

We often don’t think of goals in the context of branding. But doing so may just be the key to getting teams and departments to work better together.

Getting your teams to work together to build a brand can be challenging, especially since people are more inclined to focus on their own work and goals. However, this isn’t a permanent condition. By setting brand objectives, you can get the goals and work of your teams aligned, while also getting their mindset in sync.

Brand Stewardship: Collaboration Over Management

Brand managers are often burdened with the responsibility of managing everything related to the brand image. But what would happen if that changed?

Making sure brand stewardship is an organization-wide thing can be incredibly challenging, especially if you’re trying to implement it across your organization. However, with so many rewards on the table (the least of which being less emails asking about brand assets), it’s so worth it.

Branding Tool Stack: Making It Work

It takes a lot of moving parts to make cross-functional collaboration work. We’ve compiled a list of great tools to make it all work a little smoother.

Building a toolstack that can support cross-collaboration may seem overwhelming and difficult at first, but by thoughtfully and intentionally selecting tools that both match the needs of your teams and work together seamlessly, you’ll have exactly what you need to make collaboration successful. When you’re looking for software to fit every team’s needs, make sure it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your toolstack.

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