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Brand Sessions: The Frontify Brand Management Course

This educational series will help get teams that are not yet familiar with branding up to speed on the basics – helping you spread its value and importance, internally – and strengthen your brand's execution power from the inside out.

Episode 1: What is a Brand?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of brand today. It’s hard to understand what a brand actually is. How does it impact your daily business? What happens to a brand over time, and how do you manage it in the best way possible?

Covered in this Episode

  • We talk about what a brand actually is, and the idea of differentiation – experiences that set you apart.
  • Brand is about uniqueness and – in many ways – reputation: What they think and feel when experiencing your brand.
  • A brand is soft. It’s about feelings and emotions, and that’s why managing a brand is hard – it’s difficult to grasp.
  • We take you through the evolution of brand. Where it comes from, and how it has developed over time.
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Episode 2: Brand Terminology & Evolution

The brand landscape is complex to say the least. In this episode, we learn more about specific (and essential) areas of it, why branding is vital to your company’s bottom line, and what brands could become in the future.

Covered in this Episode

  • This session helps you understand some of the more important aspects of branding: Identity vs image, brand equity, brand values, and beyond.
  • We also talk about the evolution of branding. Where will it take us? How do things like authenticity, psychology, and an added touch of humanity strengthen your brand experiences?
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Episode 3: What is Brand Management?

Brand management is one of the most undervalued business tools of today. So, in this episode, we talk about how it actually impacts your company's bottom line, and why branding is all about gut feeling, values, and purpose.

Covered in this Episode

  • In this session, we talk about the basics of brand management. What is it really? And why do we need it?
  • Brand management is about influencing people's feelings – creating a sense of purpose and belonging. Marketing is about push, whereas brand management is about pull.
  • We take you through the brand funnel: How to build long-lasting relationships, and create customer loyalty.
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Episode 4: Brand Management Basics & Terminology

Managing a brand throughout the entire customer journey is hard. In this session, we run through the basics of brand management – including terminology you need to know – to help you understand what's needed in order to successfully managing your brand, and why that work really pays off.

Covered in this Episode

  • Managing a brand is all about managing touchpoints: Making sure you communicate your brand correctly every time.
  • We talk about sensory branding: How do things like touch, taste, sound, smell, and sight influence brand experiences?
  • There are three key disciplines of brand management: Brand Design, Brand Communications, and Brand Behavior.
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Episode 5-8: Coming Soon

With our first four episodes, we're covering the basics of brand and brand management. In the upcoming four episodes, we'll cover topics that go slightly more in-depth – covering more practical parts and key aspects of how it all works.

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